In this installment of How to clip your Labradoodle we are going to cover how to clip the head.

How to Clip The Head:

Step 1 – Start under the ears with the Size 10F Blade.  Lift the ear, starting at the bottom of the exterior of the ear canal.  Follow down the neck where the ear covers the neck in a ‘V’ pattern as shown in the picture below.

Step 2Ears – Hold the ear between index and middle fingers at the tip of the ear.  Place the top of your fingers directly below the tip of the ear.  With Scissors trim the length of the coat straight across under the bottom your fingers, making sure not to cut the ear tissue or your fingers.   Then trim down both sides of the ear as shown in the picture below.  Complete Step 2 on the other ear.

Step 3 – Top of the head and Bangs – Holding the coat at the top of the head between your index and middle fingers trim at the desired length with Scissors.  I usually trim it to about 2-3 inches long.  Follow around the top of the head, as seen in the picture below, blending into the hair on the ears; creating a rounded appearance.  Hold the bangs (hair above the eyes) between your index and middle finger out above the eyes toward the nose.  Cut with Scissors to be able to see the eyes. 

Step 4 – Trim between the eyes with Scissors as shown in step 3.  If your labradoodle doesn’t mind the clippers near its eyes clip the bridge between the eyes with the Size 7F blade, blending into the bangs.  Also trim by the inside corner of the eye, this may be done with the Size 7F blade also.  As shown in Step 3.  I prefer to use the clippers, it gives my labradoodles face a cleaner look and the clip lasts longer than trimming with scissors. 

Step 5 –  Trim the beard straight across with Scissors as shown in the picture in step 3.  This should be trimmed at the same length all the way back to the neck.

Following these steps the head of your Labradoodle is finished.  Check back for Part 3 of How to Clip your Labradoodle.

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2 Comments on “HOW TO CLIP YOUR LABRADOODLE – Part 2”

  1. natalie mayer-yeager Says:

    These are, by far, the best breeders I have ever worked with…. The whole family is a part of their dog world. These dogs are a cut above any I had seen. I bought a little girl two years ago out of Breena and Walker. Then when Breena was ready to retire we talked and now Breena and Duchess will live happily ever after with us…
    With Love and Gratitude, Natalie Mayer-Yeager

    • Thanks Natalie! We definately consider you and all of our puppy families part of our family! What a great extended family we have. Thanks so much for choosing to receive your beautiful Australian Labradoodle from us.

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