Clipping your labradoodle whether you do the work yourself or have it done can be a challenge.  Finding a groomer that doesn’t give your labradoodle a poodle clip has been a big challenge for most labradoodle owners.  One key thing if you are taking your labradoodle to the groomers is to take pictures with you of what you would like your labradoodle to look like.

Well this blog is about how to clip your labradoodle yourself, so let me get back on track.  First, please don’t feel overwhelmed it is easier than it seems.  With a little upfront investment in supplies, learning how to clip your labradoodle yourself can save your family a lot of money in the long run.  In no time you will be a pro in the art of labradoodle clipping. 

Products needed:

  • Stable Table or Grooming Table
  • A good set of Clippers – I use the Oster Turbo A5 Two-Speed Clipper.  A cool feature that this clipper has is that you can change the blades.
  • Clipper Blades – Size 3F, 5F, 7F & 10 – These sizes will do the job without needing to use the comb attachments (which don’t really work with the labradoodle coats anyway).  When purchasing blades keep in mind that the Ceramic blades are not able to be sharpened.
  • Clipper Blade Cleaner
  • Clipper Blade Cool Spray
  • Scissors
  • Slicker Brush
  • Metal Comb

All of these items can be purchased from your local pet supply or any online retailer.

How to Clip The Body:

Step 1 – Start at the base of the skull where it meets the neck with the Size 3F Blade.  Follow down the spine to the head of the tail as shown in the picture below.

Step 2 – Clip the Neck, Chest and rest of the body with the Size 3F Blade as shown in the picture below.  Stop at the top of the thigh on the back legs and above the elbow on the front legs. 

Step 3 – Clip the Belly with the Size 7F from the breast bone about the mid point of the front legs. Follow the teats to under the back legs.  Be sure not to clip where you will be able to see this area from a side view.

Step 4 – Clip under the tail with the Size 5F from the anus downward to between the back legs. Blend into the backside of the rump and thigh to square the backside when viewing from the side.

Following these steps the body of your Labradoodle is finished.  Check back for Part 2 of How to Clip your Labradoodle.

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  1. Jacqui Duggan Says:

    Thank you for trimming tips. Cannot view Stage 3 on website, need some advice on inside ears and between toes

  2. Steven Says:

    I am having trouble getting the clippers through the cotton type undercoat. I have stripped this coat, however it keeps growing back. Any ideas?

    • I have found that the clipper attachments don’t work very well for a labradoodle coat. The best thing to do is purchase the different size blades that leave the coat the length that you desire. The size 3 leaves the coat 1/2″ long. There is also a 3/4″ blade but it is harder to find. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Claire Fishwick Says:

    Thank you so much for the great instructions – I have just clipped my labradoodle for the first time following these instructions and think he looks great!!! When will Stage 3 be available?

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